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1,079,031 Brits.

We now know that the number of Facebook users whose data was harvested by Cambridge Analytica is 87 million. And included in that number is 1,079,031 Brits.

Sensitive data about friendships, likes, interests, political beliefs, and even which team you support – all harvested improperly by a company that made millions by influencing political elections. Now, Cambridge Analytica is shutting down. But their predatory practices will continue to be used by other companies until stronger laws are implemented.

This isn’t how democracy works. We won’t stand for it. It’s time government’s did their job and intervene immediately to ensure people all around the U.K. and the world are safe. We must have protections for how our data is used in elections.

The future of democracies everywhere hinge on our ability to create strong protections for digital information. The Fair Vote Project’s proposed digital bill aims to permanently protect our democratic institutions from this malfeasance because the type of work Cambridge Analytica has engaged in will continue until we stand up for our very way of life.