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Fair Vote | We're Preparing A Claim Against Facebook

We're Preparing A Claim Against Facebook

The Fair Vote Project has been contacted by lots of the 1.1 million people whose Facebook data was harvested by the This Is Your Digital Life app created by Aleksandr Kogan and subsequently passed on to Cambridge Analytica, at which point it is unclear how our data may have been used (or misused).

Some of these people consented to having their data taken but most did not, as the app “scraped” the data of Facebook friends of those who downloaded the app without their knowledge.

We are preparing a damages claim for breaches of the Data Protection Act because work was done with this harvested data in the UK. If your data was taken in this way, you could be a claimant.

Facebook is the data controller of the data you have on Facebook and they effectively allowed it to be transferred to a third party without your consent. This is wrong and shouldn't go unpunished.

Want to add your name to a possible claim? You can do it in three easy steps:

  1. Verify if your data was harvested here.
  2. If your data was taken, fill in the form on this page, attaching a screenshot of your proof. If not, donate to our fund to find more claimants and help pay for legal costs.
  3. Let us stay in touch with more information.

PS - The Fair Vote Project is working with Bindmans LLP to gather claimants. Every pound we raise will be used to find more claimants and cover legal costs. We are using digital ads to find claimants. If you have seen one of these ads, you fit one of the following categories: you studied policy studies, political science, public policy, or you have expressed interest in activism, civil service, electoral reform, equal opportunity, feminism and equality, government, local government, policy, political science, public policy, public sector, social equality, social movements, or voting.