Demand a Fair Vote

Electoral Commission finds Vote Leave broke the law.

Vote Leave overspent in the referendum by £700,000, funneling the money through a group over which they had significant control, BeLeave. On top of that, BeLeave was not a registered campaign group and was only allowed to spend £10,000 in the referendum. They spent £675,315.18. 

The Electoral Commission have found "beyond a reasonable doubt" that Vote Leave knowingly overspent, misreported on their spending report, and did not cooperate with the Electoral Commission's investigation. As they attempt to denigrate our democratic process, we must act to ensure these processes are fit to purpose and something like this never happens again. 

Free and fair elections are worth fighting for. We need to come together as a country and put democracy above politics.

Email, Tweet and Call your MP
and demand a fair vote now.